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Ensuring Sustainability & Traceability

In this modern era, the so-called agricultural development has affected our earth such, that it is suffocating. The ecosystems didn’t go unaffected as pollution, and usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides took its toll and disturbed the nutrient balance of the soil. The earthly elements are slowly and steadily giving in, and a grave realisation for sustainable development is sensibly setting in.

Organic farming provides a natural and environment-friendly solution of sourcing natural ingredients and herbal extracts in a way that enriches soil health with microbial nutrients. We, at NaturMed Scientific, have made it our priority to stick to organic processes at every step of our production and supply chain.

When it comes to tracking organic processes, our expert team has systems in place to cover different aspects of production from farm to fork. Traceability has an important role to play, especially in B2B supply chains, as it helps hold businesses accountable and identify the origin of products. It also helps in establishing trust between farmers, manufacturers, consumers, and other stakeholders.

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Here’s how we ensure sustainability & traceability:

Farm Inspection and Auditing:

Having a strong industry network has its benefits. Our team of experts has traveled the world, be it Europe or Asia, and have selectively chosen farms that help us ethically source the highest quality natural ingredients and plant extracts. They are on hand, to ensure that the farmers don’t use any chemicals, but focus on organic processes like biofertilizers and crop-rotation.

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Manufacturing Sites:

We perform regular inspections across the supply chain and only partner with those manufacturers and processors that believe in our vision of sustainable development. The sustainable sourcing of raw materials and their manufacturing is carried out as per our specifications and stringent industry regulatory requirements and then tested in internationally accredited labs across Europe and Asia.

FARM TO FORK Tracebable Ingredients:

From the source to the final destination, we maintain a reliable supply chain that ensures international quality standards compliance. We employ integrated logistics, shipment, and input traceability systems supported by a world-class ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, allowing us to digitally and precisely track every product.

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