Natural Ingredient Solutions

Environmental friendly ingredient solutions for Nutraceutical, Food, Beverage & Sports Nutrition industries customised for your needs.


Standardised Botanical Extracts

High-quality standardised natural extracts with concentrated phytochemical compounds from plants.
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Water Soluble Extracts

Excipient-free botanical extracts that offer excellent solubility with a broad spectrum of actives to obtain a wide range of benefits.
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Nutraceutical Ingredients

Purified molecules derived from food and plant sources that offer physiological benefits.
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Pigments from plants, algae, and photosynthetic bacteria that act as excellent antioxidants for humans.
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Fruit Powders

Hygienically processed Spray/Freeze-dried water-soluble powders with an excellent taste and aroma profile.
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Supercritical Fluid (SCF) Extracts

We extract superior quality natural ingredients in the form of oils and oleoresins using CO2 as solvent.
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Encapsulated Oil/Fat Powders

Water dispersible Oil/ Fat Powders that are spray-dried and based on vegetable fats and milk proteins.
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Essential Oils

The essence of plant extracts captured, and inhaled or applied to the skin in form of oils.
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About us

Growing a sustainable future, together:

Traditional farming uses chemical fertilisers and harmful pesticides that affect the environment negatively and is not sustainable.

The seeds for a healthy and sustainable future are sown today. It all starts at the farm where our natural ingredients and extracts are sourced organically. We then actively engage with our manufacturing partners in the food supply chain and ensure that our process complies with the standards of sustainable and organic agriculture.

Our production strategy is not only sustainable for the environment, but benefits farmers too, small-scale ones in particular.

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About us

Transparent and Sustainable Supply Chain

Our goal is to build and strengthen the “Farm to Fork concept (F2FC)” that will bring nature’s best to you. This concept assures best practices in identifying sustainable sources and implementation of stringent testing methods through collaboration with world-renowned testing labs and documenting every link of the product’s journey.

NaturMed Scientific’s qualified team of experts performs regular annual inspections and works with your team to solve the complex challenges of new product development, product quality, and processing.

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NaturMed Scientific Advantage

From Sustainable farming of the highest quality natural ingredients to excellent customer support, we’ve got you covered!

Sustainable Farming

Organically sourced ingredients and extracts are now becoming an important part of a healthy nutritious diet. We actively engage with different stakeholders in the food supply chain ensuring that our raw material is purchased from sustainable sources.

Fair Farming Practices

Sustainable Organic Farming is a rapidly growing industry, with farmers benefiting from high demand and competitive pricing. We are working towards setting up a support price guarantee and thus promising the farmers a secure livelihood.

Industry Network

Through strategic partnerships and a strong industry-wide network, our products fulfil the most stringent regulatory requirements across the globe. We are continuously working towards the expansion of our existing product portfolio based on the latest market trends.
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Expert team

Choosing the right manufacturing partners is our little secret to success and our team of experts delivers on it. They travel across the world to meet, connect & understand the clients’ challenges and requirements.

Customer support

Our experienced and talented customer support team is committed to helping you meet your objectives. From general inquiries regarding raw materials to complex manufacturing needs; our customer support team is always happy to hear from you.

Accredited quality

We source high-quality plant raw material from audited and approved farmers. Our products are tested in internationally accredited labs across Europe, North America, and Asia and are ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HALAL, and KOSHER certified.

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