Oregano Essential Oil (Origanum vulgare )


Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil is sourced from the leaves of Origanum vulgare or Oregano, a flowering plant from the Lamiaceae family. Oregano contains plant compounds like Carvacrol, Thymol, Rosmarinic acid having powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds are also responsible for its unique aroma and flavor.

Botanical NameOriganum vulgare

Plant Part Used– Leaves

Active Constituents– Carvacrol, -terpinene, Paracymene, Thymol & Myrcene


  • Oregano Essential Oil (Carvacrol, -terpinene, Paracymene, Thymol & Myrcene)


  • Potent Antioxidant
  • May Fight Infections
  • May Lower Cholesterol
  • May Relieve Pain
  • May Aid In Weight Loss





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