Highest Quality Assured

Besides our strong internal technical capabilities, we make sure that the products fulfill highest quality parameters. We strictly control and ensure the traceability from the raw material to finished products, also through third party testing with labs including Eurofins, TÜV Nord, SGS and other internationally recognized testing laboratories.

Every supplier has to go through a stringent verification process consisting of an elaborate questionnaire. This is followed by sampling of the material before approval. Our technical experts travel across India auditing suppliers to ensure that the the products meet our quality and regulatory requirements. The base criteria for selecting any supplier is to have a GMP certification. After approval, our products are produced under stringent quality control at these GMP approved facilities across India. Products are manufactured through automated facilities to further scale up for large batches of commercial production from licensed facilities across India.

Farm inspection and auditing

It all starts at the farm and we pay close attention to the source of our raw material.

manufacturing site

Manufacturing sites

Choosing the right manufacturing partners is our little secret to success and we make sure we deliver on it.

Connecting with customers

Our team of experts travels across the world to meet & understand the clients’ needs and take up new challenges.

Free quotes for all your ingredient and custom manufacturing needs

Let us take care of all your ingredient development and supply.

Sustainable Farming

The seeds for a healthy and sustainable future are sown today. We actively engage with different stakeholders in the food supply chain assuring that our raw material is purchased from sustainable sources.

Fair farming practices

Farmers are the backbone of the agriculture-based economies. We are working towards setting up a support price guarantee and thus promising the farmers a secure livelihood.

Industry network

Our strong industry network, scientific expertise, and long industry experience helps us develop the highest quality products that fulfills the most stringent regulatory requirements across the globe.

Expert team

Our team of experts guides and works along with your team to solve the complex challenges of new product development, product quality, and processing.

Customer support

We are here to support our customers and understand their needs better. From general enquires to complex technical requirements; our customer support team is always happy to hear from you.

Accredited quality

Our products are tested in internationally accredited labs across Europe, North America and Asia. Some of our partner labs include Eurofins and TÜV Nord.