Essential Oils

Most Popular Essential Oils

Common Name                                     Botanical Name   

Artemisia oil                                             Artemisia annua   

Basil oil                                                     Ocimum sanctum   

Camomile oil                                           Camomile   

Clove oil                                                   Syzygium aromaticum   

Corriander seed oil                                Coriandrum sativum   

Eucalyptus oil                                          Eucalyptus globulus   

Jatamansi oil                                           Nardostachys Jatamansi    

Lemon grass oil                                      Cymbopogon citratus   

Nagarmotha oil                                      Cyprus scariosus   

Patchouli oil                                            Pogostemon cablin   

Sugandh kokila oil                                 Cinnamomum Glaucescens   

Valerian oil                                              Valeriana officinalis    

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