Sr.No               Common Name                   Botanical Name     

1                        Artemisia annua                   Artemisia leaves      

2                        Ammi majus                          Ammi majus seeds      

3                        Berberis aristata                   Berberis roots     

4                        Coleus   forskohlii                 Coleus   roots     

5                        Gloriosa superba                  Gloriosa superba seeds     

6                        Camellia sinensis                  Green tea leaves     

7                        Aesculus hippocastanum    Horse chest nut fruits     

8                        Coffea arabica/ robusta       Green coffee beans     

9                        Tribulus terrestris                  Gokhru     

10                      Ipomoea hederacea              Kaladana     

11                      Picrorhiza kurroa                   Kutki roots      

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